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Beijing X-Solar Energy Co., Ltd. was found in 2020. It's a high-tech green energy enterprise with R&D and manufacturing of building photovoltaic products and high-strength flexible solar module products, advanced equipment integration and production line delivery as its main business. The company is leading in product design, packaging process, production line equipment and other aspects of technology. X-Solar Crystal silicon power tile and wall have the advantages of integrating architectural aesthetics, conforming to design code, and creating energy value. Compared with traditional crystalline silicon components, X-Solar high strength flexible components have the advantages of 70% weight reduction, large angle bending and impact resistance. Some X-Solar products have been tested and used in construction, distributed projects, civil, military and other scenarios, and have been recognized and praised by customers. Jiangsu X-Solar Green-Building Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Yuanteng Fengsheng Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., LTD. were registered and established in Jiangyin on July 2023.
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